About Our Company

At Workplace Pension Solutions (Canada) Inc. our mission is to assist our Plan Advisors, Plan Sponsors, their Plan Members and Beneficiaries, in meeting workplace savings plan goals through a process of good governance, strategic and tactical asset allocation investment management with clear communications, education and efficient administration.

At Workplace Pension Solutions (Canada) Inc. our vision is to build on our business relationships and adapt to the ever changing dynamics within our core business, employer sponsored savings plans. We expect one day to have a team of dedicated group retirement specialists assisting Advisors, Sponsors and their Plan Members and Beneficiaries all across Canada.

Our service is seamless - we offer a virtual office concept with the many advantages that implies, including flexibility, low overhead and an efficient national network of professional service providers. Let us introduce you to the specialist best suited to your particular situation whether it be Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Portfolio Construction, Actuarial Services, Human Resource Management, Group Life & Health Insurance, Plan Documentation and Record Keeping Services or Executive Compensation Design.

As group savings and retirement plan specialists, we compliment the services of our "Associate" Plan Advisors. Simply put, we have no conflict of interest.

About Our People

Scott Aver, Managing Director

Group Savings and Retirement - sales and service specialist from 1982 through 2002, within the life insurance industry exclusively. Represented four leading life insurance pension plan service providers, nine years in Alberta and twelve years in B.C.

Investment background - worked closely with most of the leading institutional and retail investment firms serving the CAP market throughout Canada. Graduate of the Canadian Securities Course.

Independent Business background - President and founding principal of Workplace Pension Solutions Inc., established in September of 2003 and shortly thereafter, re-named Workplace Pension Solutions (Canada) Inc.

CPBI - member in good standing and former Regional Council member in both Alberta and B.C.

Associate Plan Advisors in Victoria, the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Calgary and Edmonton